"A2B The Better Way to learn to drive"

Partly Trained

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There maybe many reasons why you are partly trained but the first thing we need to do is establish your present day driving skill level and understanding of the highway code. Then put together a lesson plan to fill in any gaps in your knowledge or skill set before tackling any parts of the DVSA syllabus you have not covered in your previous lessons.
If you have not passed your theory test it’s a good idea to start that process right away as you cannot book a practical driving test until you have passed your theory. As you have done lessons before you will get through the training quicker, therefore it’s important the theory is tackled early.
If you have already passed your theory test please let me know how long you have left before it expires.
The pace at which you learn is governed by you. If you want to get through the syllabus quicker you have options you can take longer lessons or do more lessons in a week. You can even combine the two by doing 2 hour lessons 2 to 3 times a week if your budget allows.