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Motorway Lessons

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Whether you are a provisional licence holder who has reached test standard or have passed your test.
Tackling some of the countries busiest and fastest roads without any training can be a daunting prospect so why not let me guide you through dealing with motorways.
In these lessons we will cover all aspects of using motorways including joining, leaving, overtaking, lane use, space management, use of cruise control, navigating and even breakdown procedure.
As we do not have any motorways in Norfolk we will drive to Cambridgeshire to use the motorway system. The lesson for the most part will be spent on major 'A' roads and motorways. The lesson lasts for a total of six hours, including the travel time to and from the M11 with breaks whenever you want to take them.
The cost of this type of lesson can be split between you and a friend provided your friend has also reached the required driving standard.
If you would like any further information drop me an email or text 07967077681.