"A2B The Better Way to learn to drive"

Beginner Lessons

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As a beginner you will learn all the car controls and how to use them. Develop your coordination and observational skills. Learn how to apply the highway code to road situations develop your speed and distance judgement, and spacial awareness.
When an adequate level of control skills have been achieved we will quickly move on to the DVSA learner driver syllabus.
The pace at which you learn is governed by you. If you want to get through the syllabus quicker you have options. You can take longer lessons or do more lessons in a week. You can even combine the two by doing 2 hour lessons 2 to 3 times a week if your budget allows. At this point in your training it is a good idea to start your theory training as it helps with understanding road marking and signs which promotes confidence when you are behind the wheel.
How many lessons will I need? Is a popular question. The DVSA publish figures for this and on average most people take about 45 hours training with an instructor combined with 22 hours private practice to achieve test standard. Everybody is different and you may take a few more or a few less the important thing is you get there in the end, so don’t worry about this too much.